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capabilities images 1At Urnex Brands, Inc., we manufacture products bearing the Urnex® name at our Elmsford, New York production facility. After more than 75 years of industry experience, and at a time when many other companies have outsourced production to third parties, Urnex® is still deeply committed to developing and manufacturing our own products.

Our technical team is present at every step of production to ensure that all Urnex® Brand products meet the highest standards of quality control. Furthermore, being the manufacturer allows Urnex® to maintain unparalleled product flexibility as we work to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Our technical capabilities are a source of pride here at Urnex®, as we feel that they are a benchmark of our ability to provide you with outstanding products.

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At B.B.C. Sales we do more than sell hot and cold beverage equipment. Carefully crafted with years of industry expertise, serving more with every pour. We combine our extensive industry knowledge with an unparalleled passion for our quality products in order to best serve you and your customers.

Our team members have been your beverage equipment specialists for over 20 years, & we are true connoisseurs in the beverage market.

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