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History-image-1Founded as The Royal Urn Bag Company in Manhattan in 1936, the company's original focus was the manufacturing of cloth coffee filters and aluminum rings for traditional coffee urns. At that time, the coffee market was much more regional than it is today. Most customers were New York City based roasters seeking products to supply to their retail accounts around the growing metropolitan area.

Soon after the company's founding, there were repeated requests for an easy-to-use product which could clean coffee urns and decanters on location. Until that time, service of coffee equipment involved transporting brewing equipment and glass pots from the retail location back to the roastery where maintenance and cleaning were performed. As the market grew and the number of accounts to service increased, this quickly became impractical (and a fair number of glass pots were broken traveling New York's famous cobblestone roads). Recognizing that the build-up of coffee oils on brewing surfaces can make even freshly brewed coffee taste bitter, the roaster community understood the market need for the launch of the original Urnex® Urn & Brewer Cleaner™.

The first portion-packaged all-purpose cleaner began as small, hand-filled envelopes of a powerful detergent. Called Urnex®, for the coffee urns it cleaned, the product's initial motto was "No More Bitter Coffee." The name Urnex® stuck, and this initial product is the basis for our company's current name and focus. If you take a look at our packaging, you'll see that we've kept that old motto too!

History-image-2Urnex Brands, Inc. has come a long way since the inception of our first urn cleaner to include a complete portfolio of products which serve all facets of the modern coffee industry. From super automatic espresso machines to shop grinders, if you have a cleaning need, we have an answer. We now export our products to over 67 countries around the world. Today, Urnex® Brand products can be found anywhere from the countertops of home coffee enthusiasts to the world's most sophisticated espresso bars.

Puro® Brand (formerly the Puro Caff Group) was acquired by Urnex Brands in 2005. Puro® is known for its expertise and reputation as a superior cleaning brand in the specialty coffee community, and Puro® products are an essential ingredient in expertly crafted espresso beverages throughout the country and around the world. Puro® is used by some of the world’s most renowned baristas, and the brand can be found in café’s that pride themselves as being the most discerning providers of espresso beverages.

Urnex Brands launched the Full Circle™ Brand in 2009 in an effort to provide the coffee industry with environmentally responsible cleaning options. All products in the portfolio are made with entirely renewable, sustainable and naturally occurring ingredients, all of which are listed on the product labels. Full Circle™ Brand products embody not only a commitment to the best tasting coffee and espresso beverages, but also a commitment to increased environmental awareness and product transparency.

From the beginning, Urnex® products have represented the highest standards of quality, consistency, and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on our long history as a manufacturing organization and the close relationships of trust and communication we have built with our customers around the world. Creating products based on proprietary formulas developed through an intimate understanding of coffee equipment allows us to offer a solution for every brewing need. At our Elmsford, New York factory, the Urnex Brands team oversees industry leading standards of quality control. We carefully monitor each item that bears our name with the common goal of ensuring that our customers serve the best tasting beverages possible. For more information about Urnex Brands, Inc. please feel free to contact us.

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