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image 1158 false 500 400 MainGrindz™ removes lingering residue inside your grinder by absorbing and loosening the coffee particles and oils that get left behind. Using Grindz™ is as easy as grinding coffee beans – just grind the tablets through your grinder, with no disassembly required.

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Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner is a patented, completely all-natural and food safe way to regularly clean the burrs and casings of your grinder without disassembly.

  • Great for use after grinding flavored coffee as Grindz™ helps prevent coffee flavors from mixing together.
  • Retail box contains 3 single-use packets.
  • Gluten Free and Organic.

Note: Dust may develop during grinding and is harmless.


For Use on Burr Grinders

  1. Empty all coffee from grinder.
  2. Add one packet of Grindz™ Retail Grinder Cleaner to hopper.
  3. Adjust grinder to medium setting and operate.
  4. To purge, repeat above process twice with coffee. Repeat if desired.

Note: Dust may develop during grinding and is harmless. Wipe particulates from hopper, spout, and doser. Keep container tightly closed and dry.

Ingredients: Proprietary formulation containing grains and cereals, and pharmaceutical grade binders. Gluten Free and Organic. 


Why use Grindz™?
Cleaning a grinder is a challenge because water cannot be used on the burrs or around electric motors. The process of opening or disassembling a grinder can also be intimidating due to the small parts and electrics inside the machine. Grindz™ eliminates these concerns because it is as simple to use as grinding coffee. Simply grind the cleaning tablets through your grinder to remove the coffee residue and oil, ensuring great tasting coffee.

How often do I clean my grinder?
We recommend using Grindz™ once a month, to ensure that there are no stale or rancid coffee oils and particles inside your grinder. This residue can negatively affect the taste and quality of your next brew, so avoid a bad cup by keeping your grinder properly cleaned. Grindz™ should be used when switching between flavored and non-flavored coffees, as well as caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees.

Why was Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner developed?
Cleaning a grinder has always been a challenge since water cannot be used on the burrs or around electric motors. The process of opening a grinder can also be very intimidating due to the small parts and precision involved in positioning burrs. Finding a way to clean a grinder without opening the machine became a valuable product concept. After extensive field testing and evaluation, Grindz™ was successfully launched in 2005 and patented in 2012.

How does Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner work?
When ground through your coffee grinder, the product gently dislodges coffee particles while absorbing coffee oil residue.

Is Grindz™ Grinder Cleaner a “chemical?”
No. There are only food safe and edible ingredients in this product. As a result, the product presents no risk if the residue is consumed, and it will be flavor neutral to your coffee.

How do I learn more about safety of this product?
A full material safety data sheet (MSDS) for each product can be downloaded here: Download


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