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image 5987 false 500 400 MainCleancaf® eliminates residual coffee oils and build-up in your machine that can become rancid and lead to bitter tasting coffee. Using Cleancaf® is as easy as brewing a pot of coffee. Each box contains three packets of cleaning powder.

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Cleancaf® is a safe and easy to use product that will extend the life of your coffee machine. For best results, use Cleancaf® weekly.


The blue dye used in Cleancaf® provides a visual cue to ensure proper rinsing and makes cleaning simple, safe, and easy.
Cleancaf® is the only home coffee equipment cleaner to be organically listed, which confirms that it meets the standards of the USDA National Organics Program.
Cleancaf® solution can also be used to clean out any coffee accessories, such as travel mugs and metal filters.


For Use on Home Coffee and Espresso Machines

  1. Dissolve contents of Cleancaf® package in 32 oz. / 1L (or equivalent to a full pot) of warm water.
  2. Pour solution into water reservoir. Put empty pot and filter basket in place. (for espresso machines attach handle and place an empty container below).
  3. Turn machine on and begin the brew cycle.
  4. Discard entire solution once it has passed through your machine. Rinse all components and repeat steps 2 and 3 twice with clean water.

Note: Solution can also be used to clean coffee mugs and other plastic accessories. Avoid extended contact with aluminum.



Why use Cleancaf®?

Without proper cleaning, oily residue will build up in your coffee machine leading to bitter tasting coffee. Our fragrance free cleaning powder removes build-up and leaves you with a clean machine. Traditional cleaning agents like vinegar and soap are not designed to remove coffee oil buildup and can also leave behind residue long after final rinsing.

How often should I clean my home brewer?

For best taste and performance, we recommend cleaning your home machine at least once a week.

Why can't I use dishwasher detergent on my coffee machine?

Dishwasher detergent is not ideal for use on cleaning coffee machines for several reasons:
1) Dishwasher detergent is not intended to rinse quickly and could leave a soapy residue inside your machine.
2) Dishwasher detergent is usually not flavor neutral. As a result, if there is any residue left behind, it is likely to add fragrance to the taste of your coffee.
3) Some dishwasher detergents may contain ingredients which will react poorly with the interior surfaces of your machine and could cause damage.
I use vinegar to clean my coffee machine. Why should I buy Cleancaf®?

Vinegar is a weak acid that will not clean away coffee oil. We recommend using Cleancaf® to eliminate coffee oil residue and Dezcal to break down lime scale build-up.

What is the difference between Cleancaf® and Dezcal™?

Cleancaf® is specially formulated to eliminate residual coffee oils and build-up in your machines. Weekly use will keep your coffee tasting fresh. When used regularly, it will also act as a scale inhibitor preventing the accumulation of scale build-up on the internal parts of the machine.

Dezcal™ is specifically designed to remove limescale. This citric acid based, non-toxic descaler breaks down even the toughest limescale and calcium deposit build-up. Regular use of Dezcal™ will help extend the life of your machine and ensure consistent beverage temperature.

Can I eat or drink this product?

Cleancaf® is an alkaline based cleaner.  Much like any automatic dishwashing detergent, countertop cleaner, or other kitchen cleaner, this product is not intended to be consumed.  When Cleancaf® is used according to the stated directions and rinsed properly there is no risk of consumption of the product.

How do I learn more about safety of this product?

A full material safety data sheet (MSDS) for each product can be downloaded here: Download

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